Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nana's Birthday Bash

Friday, my Nana turns 90! My mom and her siblings decided to throw a big party to honor her 90 years on Sunday. All of her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren and many of her friends came to wish her a happy birthday. I hope she felt how loved she is!

Here's a picture of the Perkins side of the family.

Below is a picture of the grandchildren. We had one more show up after pictures.

This is where it gets ridiculous. This is ALL of her grandchildren whether they be grand, great, or great-great (minus 1).

My bros and me.

This is a life-long family friend, Melody and her son, Mitchell.

Audrey. Michael calls this her "Presidential Pose."

My man and my girl.


The Powell Family said...

I was so excited to see pictures of your family. I was also excited to see pictures of Miss Melody and little Mitchell. I have been wanting to see her! Of course Audrey is as precious as ever! Just wish I could meet her in person someday. :) Big hugs and snorts! :) Ha, ha,ha!

Brandon and Dee said...

What a fun celebration! What a neat blessing for your Nana. I have been wondering how Melody was... I didn't know that she had a little guy! How is she doing these days? When you talk to her next please tell her I said hello!

Lori said...

Fun Fun!! I need a close of picture of your brothers' kids. The look huge in that pic. I can't believe they are that old already.

Tim Perkins said...

I think you can see why we have trouble figuring out the color of Audrey's eyes.