Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One Precious Year

Audrey turns a YEAR old today! I'm so glad that the weather wasn't icy last year. I don't know if we could have even made it to the hospital if it had been like this. I sand truck overturned right next to our hospital early this morning and they had to close down the entire street for hours. I would not have enjoyed trying to get by that while in labor if that had happened a year ago!

Audrey has such the little personality now. She just babbles away. She took some steps last week, so I'm just waiting for her to start toddling all over the place. We go to the doctor Thursday, so I can give you her stats then. I did weigh her last week at my mom's and she a light 17 pounds. Ha! Can you believe how teeny she is?! Her favorite thing to do now is to "cruise" on the couch, practice standing on her own, and plopping onto the cushions. Of course, I'm always there to catch her so that she doesn't go over the edge. She loves it when her daddy tickles her. She'll throw her head back and laughs over and over again. It is so good to hear that laughter when remembering all of her crying those first 4 months.

Below is a video I made that shows some pictures of Audrey's first year. I chose the song Rocking Song by Acapella. This song is very precious to me. I had experienced a hard day the first time I heard it. Audrey was colicky and I was home alone with her. I called Michael to come home after 3+ hours of screaming and I was beginning to cry myself. When he arrived, she had fallen asleep in my arms. Even while she slept, her little body would jump with those little hiccups you get after a hard cry. Michael had received this CD in the mail that day and played this song. I clung to every word. I still can't hear the beginning of this song without tearing up. I know that as Audrey grows older, the ending will mean a lot to me also.


Lindsay said...

Oh my! Tears came to my eyes. Beautiful child and beautiful song. Thanks for sharing.

Lynn Leaming said...

What a great job you did with this video!! The song is amazing, I had never heard it...so sweet. So many precious pictures. My favorites were the bathtub and her cat costume. May the Lord just continue to bless Audrey with health and you and Michael with more special memories and sweet family times.

Miranda said...

Happy Birthday Audrey!