Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thanksgiving/Christmas 2012

This year for the holidays, we spent our Thanksgiving with the Hall family and celebrated Christmas in November as well.  Then, we got to spend a WHITE Christmas at my parents' house.

Hall-iday:  The pictures are out of order a bit, but the kids put on a Pilgrim Play for my grandmother, Michael's grandmother, and some of my family that was in town.  They made sugar cookies and we celebrated Christmas.  We took some family pictures as well.

Now onto Christmas.  The girls made a gingerbread house and watched Christmas movies on Christmas Eve.  On Christmas Day, we woke up to rain, drove to my parents' house in the rain, but as we sat down for lunch, the rain turned into SNOW!  The girls played on the 25th and the 26th in the snow and made a snowman with Michael when he come home on the 26th.  Then my brothers arrived for more Christmas fun and I got to finally meet my niece, Ainsley!

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