Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Baby #3 Gender and Name

I guess it's about time to blog about this baby!  We have known the gender for a month and revealed the news to the family at Audrey's family party five days after we found out.  Here's a video showing what we are having.  I'm sorry that it is out of focus...I hadn't used my video feature on my camera in awhile and I was under pressure to get the moment on video.  We also had family skyping the moment as well.

So there you have it!  We are thrilled!  

I am even more thrilled that she is healthy and that I have been healthy so far in this pregnancy.  Just a few months to go!  I can't wait to have another sweet baby girl in my arms!

Now onto the name.  We wanted this name to have special meaning since we have wrestled about the decision to conceive this baby and will fight whatever battle that may come our way with my auto-immune disease.  I never wanted to give up hope on completing our family and I'm so glad I didn't give up.  It took a lot of faith in God to see where He would lead us and taking the leap in trusting Him, but also trusting the medicine I'm taking.  We believe we have decided on a name, though we always hold the right to change it.  The name means a lot to us though, so I doubt it will change.

Nadia Faith.  Nadia means Hope.  I needed both Hope and Faith for her to be here.  Funny thing is that Nadia has always been on my name list for Audrey and Julia but Michael wasn't on board before.  This time around, he actually suggested it!  

Please continue to pray for Nadia and me if you have been praying.  We're certainly not out of the woods yet, but at 25 weeks, things are going well.

Hopefully, I will get back into blogging.  I need to blog about two birthdays Audrey has had!  TWO!  I'm an awful blogger.  Also, I need to blog about our white Christmas!  


The T-Shirt Mama said...

Nadia goes really well with the other girls' names! But maybe Faith should come before Hope. At least from a "faith" perspective;-)

The Brackeens said...

Love it!!!