Monday, June 12, 2006

Oh Canada

I know that I'm posting a lot of videos, but I love some of these things. I'm watching Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Canes and Oilers. They sing both the American and Canadian national anthem when both nations are playing. It is so cool to hear the people of Edmonton sing their national anthem. The video is from a previous game. (BTW, I honestly thought I wouldn't be watching the Mavs in June, but the Stars. Too bad this isn't Finals for both teams,)

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Michael Potthoff said...

Hey I am all for debates! Let me just say that I think it is awesome that you are a sports nut! Why don't more women love sports!?!?

Ok now here is a new debate. I will admit that I do not think that Minute Maid is the best park in baseball but it really is the perfect park for Houston (with the excpetion of the cray hill in center field and the flag pole in fair play area.) Now what is the best park you have ever been to that was not your home team. For me that is Turner field in Atlanta. I was working at a church in Atlanta one summer and I was lucky enough to see several games at Turner field. That ball park made my jaw drop. In a close second in Wrigley field in Chicago. That park is sooo small but it is just such a neat place to watch a ball game. I would love to go the Finway (Red Sox), Yankee Stadium (before the new one is built), and Jacobs field (Indians). In fact I am thinking about using a week of vaction and hitting about 4 or 5 parks in America! Now that would be alot of fun!