Friday, June 16, 2006

Open Wide

I had the most dental work I've ever had done yesterday. (Well, excluding braces and wisdom teeth extractions. I'm talking about the work of a DENTIST.) My mom was a hygienist and always took care of my teeth. She was able to retire a couple of years ago, and it's obvious I still need her help to keep healthy teeth. Both Michael and I needed work, but I had the more costly and painful procedure. I am amazed at how little pain I go through at the dentist. Think about what they are actually doing...and you only feel a twinge of pain or pressure! Amazing! I still have to go in a couple more times, but I like everyone at this new place of dentistry. Mom, I miss you cleaning and polishing my teeth while I look out the wall of windows. Your office had a smell of that polishing stuff and I actually miss that. This new office burns a Yankee Candle which is nice, but it is not your office.

BTW, Laura, I'm on Michael's insurance, not the school's.

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Carole said...

Ooh, where did you find that picture. 'Looks like someone had a bad case of gingivitis.
Your dentist sounds good. I don't miss the smell of my office. I do miss the smell of my paycheck, lol!