Tuesday, June 06, 2006

School's Out for the Summer!

I'm so very glad to be on vacation, but I feel like I've done more in the past week or so than I did during the school year!

The first official day w/o students, Michael and I had a few friends over for dinner and games. (Also, an unofficial Mavs/Rangers watching party.) It was so much fun! It was our first party as a married couple and homeowners. We broke out the china, goblets, and cloth napkins. I even learned how to fold the napkins to look all fancy! One couple was newly married (Landon and Jill) and the other just found out they were having a boy! (Alan and Rachel) We played the Newlywed Game and had a blast!

The next day, Caley was in town for a conference and we just had to get together. I told her recently that she is such a loyal friend. I am so thankful that we didn't have a 10 o'clock class our junior year and got to hang out every MWF in the campus center. She is such a blessing!

The following Monday, Michael and I had my parents, his parents, and his sister and her family over for a Memorial Day cookout! We felt weird that our families never see each other and thought this would be a good way for everyone to catch up. I loved watching my two dads discuss the most random things!

Thursday, Blake and Maddie came over for a visit. Maddie kept asking, "Where's Bikal?" She says Michael in the cutest way! Blake graciously took me to Midas a couple of times as we were trying to get my car in perfect condition for our trip to South Padre! Michael came home early and we had to take both our cars to an alignment and frame shop...they fixed my problem easily but Michael's car has some issues. We also found out there that Michael's battery was low. We went to our newly discovered WalMart, but they were out of the battery we needed. We then made our way to another WalMart and replaced the battery. I was glad our car-fixing trips were over at the end of the day.

Friday, Michael and I began our trip to South Padre Island for Kami's wedding. We made the five hour journey to San Antonio. Brett and Jenny were kind enough to let us crash at their beautiful new home. We got some time to play with Zachary and Ethan before they went to bed. We then relaxed in Brett and Jenny's hot tub. A lot of fun.

Saturday, we made our next 5 hour journey to South Padre. Kami married on the beach and had a reception on a boat. Really cool. I was happy to see her, Caley, Melissa, and Daniel. It had been a long time since I had seen them. (Well, Caley did come over earlier that week, but it had been months before then.) We didn't get off of the boat until 9 o'clock, so we didn't arrive back into San Antonio until 2:45 am. Blah!

Sunday, we spent our day on I-35. Bumper-to-bumper traffic in the middle of nowhere! Crazy. This made us miss our first Life Group Meeting. :(

Monday...I got to relax while Michael went back to work. Summers are great! I think my friend, Shannon, may have had a baby girl this day. Still haven't heard.

Today, I spent most of my time trying to figure out if I could consolidate my student loans and trying to find a good dentist that was covered by our insurance. Michael's dad came over for dinner. Michael's mom is out of town and we wanted to give Michael's dad something to do. They are now trying to fix our sprinkler system. I hope they figure something out. Our grass is turning a bit brown.

I want to recommend to our Christian female readers a good author. Karen Kingsbury. I love her! I have read the Redemption Series and loved each book. I just finished reading Even Now. So good!

So that is what has been going on in my life. Oh, I've been watching some Maverick Basketball too! Go Mavs!

I will post links and pictures when Blogger allows me to.


JillReigh said...


We had so much fun with you guys and Rachel and Alan - we'll have to do it again! And, we missed you at the Life Group. We had a really good time - now if I can only remember everyone's names... see you Sunday!


Blake Perkins said...


Maddie and I enjoyed our visit. We need to do this more often.


laura jo said...

let me know when you find a good dentist that's covered by our insurance! that's on my list of things to do this summer...

loved reading up about you -- i miss you already!!! i want more details about kami's wedding, too. we'll have to catch up sometime.