Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What's Happening

Saturday, Michael's mom and I went to get pedicures! We never do "fancy" things like this, so it was super fun for us. I love being able to wear sandals and flip flops everywhere. Flip flops are my most beloved item in my closet. Meanwhile, Michael and his dad tried to repair our sprinkler system. Hopefully one day they will get to do all that they want to do to that thing! I want my green grass back!

Later, M and I went to Ashley Parks and Nic Belcher's wedding. Super fun! I'm glad so many of our friends have found love and are joining us in the land of marriage!

I've been subbing for summer school since Friday. I'm so very grateful that I didn't teach full-time this summer. I really don't like going to school to teach right now. It was good to see that the kids have improved greatly in their 4 weeks of work. Teachers are making a difference, but thankfully, I'm only making a week of difference.

Michael and I have been spending a lot of time up on the roof lately. The add-on to our house has a flat roof. It is perfect if you bring a blanket, flashlight, and a Bible with you. We've had some awesome talks while we're up there. It feels like we're camping because we only see tree limbs and a starry sky. I'm going to miss these perfect summer evenings come Autumn.

I bought a new dress today! I have only one dress for an evening wedding. I went to an evening wedding last Saturday and will see the very same people for a wedding this Saturday night. I am helping out with the wedding, so I thought I should buy something special. It is a brown dress that looks an awful lot like my black dress but longer. With the different accessories, it will be a completely different outfit! I do like to dress up on occasion, but I would still rather wear my hockey sweater (jersey)!

We saw Nacho Libre last night. If you like Napolean Dynamite, you'll like this one too. It's not an instant classic like Napolean, but it's funny. I'm thinking about buying the movie when it comes out to improve my Spanish. There were so many phrases in Spanish!

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Blake Perkins said...

The sight of those feet make me sick!