Monday, June 16, 2008

My Baby is 6 Months Old!

Audrey is half a year old! In another six months she'll be walking around and saying words! Here are some pictures I got of her this morning.

This was a little too Gilligan's Islandy, so we opted for the bow instead!

Still chooses to keep that smile under wraps!

I love this face of her's! She does this a lot!

Her face is finally filling out some.

Having fun with her favorite playmate.


Heather said...

Very cute pics...she is adorable!!

Miranda said...

She is too cute!

Lori said...

I can't believe she is 6 months!!! I need to see her again. It has been forever. They change so much in the first year, I at least need to see her before she is 1 yr. She is so cute and I love your hair cut. I think it is so cute!!! Little cute mommy cut... you like that?

Lynn Leaming said...

I'll have to agree the bow is cuter than the hat :) I am glad that you are enjoying the blessing that she is.

Blake Perkins said...

Is Michael wearing any pants?