Friday, June 06, 2008

Take 5

1) Flip Flops: I just saw on the news that flip flops are horrible for your feet! This famous summer item is linked to ankle, lower leg, knee, and back pain. I ONLY wear flip flops in the summer. I like that they are comfy and that they keep me at 5'9" and not too much taller than my husband. They said that wearing them around the pool and around the house is fine. Well, I do that, but I've also been known to take walks in them too. I guess I'll have to wear my warm sneakers for that walk from now on.

2) Haircut: I had my hair cut Tuesday. I went in wanting a style that I found in a picture. I also wanted highlights. I came out with shorter hair that didn't look like the style I had in mind, and also a lot blonder than expected. Two of my worst haircuts have occured when I have brought in a picture. Why is that? I thought a picture is worth more than a thousand words. I guess I just get really disappointed when my hair fails to look like that of the one pictured. I'm learning to live with this head of hair and may even end up liking it after a while.

3) Cutting Coupons: I may start cutting coupons. I came across this website that seems to have a great strategy. Stores go through a 12 week (typically) cycle of putting certain things on sale. For instance, household cleaners will be on sale one week and canned veggies the next. You can get outstanding deals on certain items and stockpile those things. Pretty soon, you have stockpiled most of what you need and have saved big bucks. The site keeps track of everything. It tells you where to look, when to buy, and how to use the coupons. Have any of you used this? How did it go?

4) Red Wings: The Red Wings are Stanley Cup Champions. Did anyone catch this game?? Has to be the most exciting ending to a championship game that I've seen in a long time. The previous game built upon that excitement because you knew the Pens could make a comeback in the last few seconds of play. Osgood made the save and we saw the puck travel parallel to the goal line with just 0.01 second left. Wings celebrated and the Pens cried.

5) LOST: After the finale, I have a ton of questions. Here are a few:
  • How does Christian (Jack's dad) play into all of this?
  • Is Claire alive or dead? Was she unalive like Christian seems to be?
  • Is Michael alive? Remember Hurley told Walt he was lying to protect those on the island, like his dad.
  • Is Locke really dead? How come he's now Jeremy Bentham and off of the island?
  • Where is the island now? Is it still an island?
  • Will Sawyer and Juliette become an item since they believe Jack and Kate are dead?


Heather said...

I am looking forward to seeing your hair...I thought about it earlier this week and wondered if you had actually cut it. I am sure it looks great.

Guess I'm going to have to cut back on wearing the flip flops as well!

Miranda said...

We have those exact same Lost a few more!

Lynn Leaming said...

Stnce I won't be at R.E. this summer you will need to post a picture of the haircut so I can see it :)

I don't know either why beauticians cannot copy pictures but I have had that same thing happen to me lot's of times. Or like yesterday when I said "leave my bangs long" and now they are short????

Kaitlin said...

I saw you from a distance on Wednesday night but I never got a change to run and say hi to you. My little man Trevor was there and I was running around with him. Anyways, I noticed your hair cut and I thought it was so cute!

Lainey-Paney said...

#3: Yes, I clip coupons.
I also primarily shop at Tom Thumb b/c the one near me offers Double & Triple coupons all the time, so my coupons go farther.

When you get into a routine of using coupons or maximizing sales pricing, your list must be flexible, and you really have to comparison shop. Ex: Electrasol is on sale for 3.09, and it's X cents per oz. I have a coupon for $0.30 of Cascade. At Tom Thumb, that coupon would be worth ninety cents off. Well, if the Cascade in the end STILL costs more than the Electrasol...well, I just have no brand loyalty, and I will buy the cheaper of the two!

Another suggestion: The book "America's Cheapest Family". I got some great pointers in there. Certainly I won't be adopting ALL of their practices, but some are great cost saving measures!

...I just love a bargain, and using coupons, etc. I think my highest % savings so far for groceries is 34%.