Friday, June 27, 2008

Take 5

1. Wednesday morning, on the way to Audrey's checkup, I was driving down the road, minding my own business. Suddenly, I hear a loud thud against my driver's side window (the one inches from my face) and see feathers fluttering. I bird flew into my window! Michael was driving behind me and I called him to see if he had seen what had happened. He said the bird was definitely dead. Was this bird blind? I could understand him not seeing me if I was going fast, but I was going 30 mph and down a straight road! It put a damper on my drive, knowing that I just killed one of God's creatures.

2. Audrey has a hard time digesting sweet potatoes, among several other things. I noticed a few months ago that if I ate a sweet potato, Audrey would be in tears all night. Now that she's older and eating solids, I gave her some sweet potatoes. It was in my beginner's pack of veggies and I thought she would just love the taste. Surely her tummy can handle it now. Wednesday night, she woke up every 2 hours. I thought her shots were hurting her. She was fine all of Thursday and I gave her some sweet potatoes at dinnertime. She was up nearly every hour last night. So, I'm pretty sure it was the food and not the shots.

3. Since Audrey didn't sleep last night, we slept in past 9 this morning. We were playing in the den when the doorbell rang. I was not expecting anyone and my pj's aren't really appropriate to wear while answering the door to a stranger. I ignored the second doorbell and the knocking (I do this quite a bit actually). Then, the man got up on our roof! What?! I ran back to our bedroom and called Michael. It was an adjuster to look at something we had reported to our insurance company. Michael didn't know he was coming and wanted to be here when he did. Well, I knew that he needed to come inside, so I put on some better clothes and got him down off our roof and into our home. I felt foolish for not answering the door, but I was soooo relieved that he wasn't about to break into our house and rob us! A girl's mind can run wild, you know!

4. Do you believe in luck? I didn't use to, but now I'm thinking that my dad is a pretty lucky guy. And it is not just because he's married to my mom. He wins things all of the time! I don't know how many trips he has won, but it is quite a few. He's been to see a Stars game in California and stayed at the same hotel with the players because he won first place in a contest. He entered a Ranger contest in which they select a name in a particular inning and if a Ranger hits a grand slam that inning, they win something. His name was pulled and ARod hit a grand slam. Yesterday, he was the 10,000 viewer on Lynn's blog and won a gift card. This man is lucky!

5. Last night, we ate dinner with Greg and Shirley Broom. Now, Greg is lucky to have Shirley! They are such a fun couple and wonderful spiritual leaders for Michael and me. We want to raise our family to be like the Broom family. I am so blessed to know them and to learn from them.


Shannon said...

That is crazy about the bird!! My sister ran over a duck in high school. The ducks would cross a pretty busy street going to and from the park. We were only going 30 mph, she hit it, and the only way we knew was from all of the white feathers flying everywhere! It was a traumatic day for her.

Poor Audrey and sweet potatoes. Guess she won't get to taste them with brown sugar and marshmallows at Thanksgiving!

I do the same thing when our doorbell rings. Same with the phone too (some of the time)!

Lynn Leaming said...

I used to have a cardinal that would just fly into my back patio door. I kept thinking he would realize he was hurting himself and quit, but not until I finally hung paper up on the door.

I agree with you about Greg and Shirley Broom. They are the best!
In our life group and we have a lot of fun together. Shirley took me back and forth to Ladies Bible Class before I could drive again and we used to drive together to Bunco (she has quit until Kelcie graduates) Anyway...a great couple!

Anonymous said...

Why is Michael in another car following you when gas is at $4/gallon? I am highly disappointed in you sis. Dave Ramsey would be screaming.

Brooke said...

Mr. Anonymous, (Brett?)

Michael was behind me so that he could drive to work after the appointment and I could drive home. Our doctor is in NE Richardson and Michael works in downtown. Now leave me alone!

Your sis.

Carole said...

You kids quit your squabbling right now!