Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Getting Older

My baby girl is growing older. I guess that's good since I'll be getting a new baby girl next month. At the beginning of 2010, our biggest concern with Audrey was sharing and taking turns, probably pretty typical for a 24 month old. Hopefully, she is doing well with that now. We were also trying to mentally prepare her for being a big sister in a few months. At 25 months she decided to tackle a big one - potty training. She turned 26 months yesterday and now she is sleeping in her big girl bed in her big girl room. We were not pushing either of these, but she wanted to do both on her own time. Now, we are ready for Baby Julia to come next month! Unbelievable!


Rachel said...

That is awesome! She's all ready to be a big sister! I hope the transition to a big bed goes as well for Ethan later on this year.

Kristina said...

Hey girl! Thanks for your comment and your prayers! I remember the bow made for your cutie...and I think we were in the same block class at ACU. Did you graduate Spring 02? Thanks for the means a lot and is never taken wrong!!!