Friday, February 12, 2010

Record Snowfall

I must document this! The snow continued to fall in Dallas all of Thursday. I'm not sure how much we got at our house or how much Dallas officially received, but it shattered the previous snow record for North Texas in one day. I saw somewhere that it was over a foot of snow. My long-time Denver resident husband was not impressed, but I was! At least Audrey and I got to play in it while Michael worked. I asked Michael a lot of questions about "why this?" or "why that?" He was no help. Ex. Why was the sky pink at night? His answer - Maybe because it's about to snow a lot. I went to my parents for that one. It's the lights being reflected off the snow and clouds. Here are some of the pics from this morning of Audrey running around, putting snow on a very little snow man (I'm 8 months pregnant people, give me some slack) and eating snow ice cream.

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