Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jenny's Memorial Service and the Stomach Bug

Jenny (see one of the previous post) passed away on Monday. I'm not in a place where I can write about how I feel, and will probably be that way during the rest of this pregnancy with these crazy hormones I have. They held a visitation service last night and will have the memorial service this afternoon at 1:00. You can see it online at

I had been behind with the updates on Jenny because the stomach bug hit our house. It started on the way home from Life Group on Sunday night with Audrey. I'm telling you, if the girl didn't show symptoms, you never would know that she was sick. We were all shocked to find out that she had anything wrong with her because she had been in such a great mood before and after! After a couple of trips to her room that night, we knew we were dealing with the stomach bug. She was completely fine the next day.

Then I got it. Considering I'm 34 weeks pregnant, this may be the worst I've ever felt. I was not going to let this get passed on to Michael, so I stayed in bed and did not move from there. That has to be the most uncomfortable place for a pregnant woman to be all day. I feel so bad now for all the women that have been placed on bed rest. The good news is that the swelling in my legs has all but disappeared! I'm feeling so much better now. It's time for me to clean up the mess from Audrey the Tornado and wash everything that I've touched in the last 24 hours.

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Shannon said...

Brooke, I'm so sorry you got the bug! I can't imagine having it when you are so very pregnant! Hopefully y'all are in the clear!!

So, so sad for the Bizaillion family. I can't imagin that either.