Thursday, February 11, 2010

What's Happenin'

It's snowing in Dallas today! Audrey has gotten over her fear of the snow and we played in it for awhile.
Silly Face
The kid says cheese, but does not smile...
Please don't pay too much attention to my makeup-free face.
Holding one of her favorite things - a football!
Back in January, we started putting Audrey's big girl room together. The pics are from my phone and they are dark and the colors aren't true, but you get the idea. It's still not 100% done because I need Michael to paint her dresser and drill some things, but his 80 hour work weeks the last month or so have delayed us finishing. She has only slept in there when she ran a fever all night and I slept with her.

Audrey is pretty much potty-trained. She even got me up at 2am to potty. Yay!

Michael's 30th birthday was Saturday. We had a great time hitting the town and I'm so glad he has joined me in the 30's group!

I'm at 32 weeks. In less than 7 weeks, Julia will be here! I'm so not ready, but I'm anxious to meet this sweetie-pie!

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The Powell Family said...

Love the room Brooke!!! Too cute! I cannot believe you are getting so close to the end of pregnancy #2!! I just hope that I get to meet Baby Julia sooner than I got to meet Audrey!!! Miss you!