Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just a Few Things

A few things that have me bummed. They are very small, but an irritant.

My camera is broken. A couple if weekends ago, I was trying to take pictures of the girls playing with each other. The camera wouldn't shoot when I wanted it too. I soon discovered that my auto-focus was broken. I have no idea what happened since the camera had been sitting in it's case and nothing had happened to it. I'm glad Michael got the warranty and it is being fixed!

Both Audrey and Julia are sick with something. Julia is fine, but this sickness is making Audrey wheeze. She saw an allergist on Monday and she's on yet another medicine since the breathing treatments weren't cutting it. That means we're currently giving her four medicines everyday instead of the typical two. I'm sad that even a small illness effects her breathing. She had been doing so great with her new allergy medicine.

My hair is another annoyance. After losing all that extra hair once Julia was born, it is growing back in. Before it was sticking straight up. I just tried to spray it down with hairspray. Now it is long enough that it just hangs down like bangs. I can't control where they lay and it frustrates me every time I do my hair. I don't remember having this problem after Audrey was born. But at least I have hair, right?

Lastly, I won't go into details here, but please tell the truth. Don't intentionally hurt others by spreading lies. It's just not cool.

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Rachel said...

Brooke...that exact same thing is happening to my hair and it is driving me NUTS! And it didn't happen with Ethan either. I'm ready for it to be done growing!