Monday, June 27, 2011

Wedding Weekend!

A lot happened Friday and Saturday! One - Audrey jumped off a diving board! (video to come later this week) Two - Our incredible, simply incredible, friends, Mike and Ruth, moved to Houston. We are going to miss them A TON, but it is such a good move for them. Anyone want to fill the void that we now have for accountability and our go-to weekend couple? Miss them so much already! Three - Jake and Amanda were married!

Michael and I introduced two lovely people a few years ago and Saturday night, they joined their lives together forever. I'm so glad it worked out and I'm so truly thrilled for them! The wedding was beautiful and the reception was tons of fun. Most importantly, two Christian people joined forces for God.

Here are some pictures from Friday and Saturday. I stole a bunch from Facebook. (Karen Heflin's and Stephanie Edevane's....hope that's okay!)

Michael and I at Rehearsal Dinner.

Jake and Amanda meeting but not seeing before the wedding. Isn't that dress/she elegant!

Reception at the Dallas Museum of Art.
Stephanie's Picture

Dance floor.
Stephanie's Picture

Houston and Karen with Jake and Amanda. Houston also married us.
Both are beautiful couples.
Karen's Picture

Great fun! Ignore my poor posture/strange dancing.
Stephanie's Picture

When you get a bunch of ACUers together, you are bound to get a Sing Song face picture!
Sarah was a college roommate. Now she is a neighbor and an aquatic pilates partner.
Stephanie's Picture

Bride and Groom dancing.
Stephanie's Picture

More dancing. Notice Scott and Cindy's faces. :)
Stephanie's Picture

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