Thursday, July 07, 2011

Embrace the Camera 7.7.11

I am sooooo very proud of my naturally-fearful Audrey! She has never seen fireworks, but has been awakened by them before. She gets in a scared-for-her-life state and talks about how much she is scared of fireworks. She had talked about how much she did not like them as recently as LAST WEEK. You can imagine my surprise when she wanted to see them this 4th of July!

We met a coworker of Michael's who lives in Addison and she let us park at her house. We walked to the fire station to get a clear view of Kaboom Town. Audrey was great, even talked to random neighbor dogs, until we got to the fire station. The building itself scared her! Isabel took this picture of us. We were trying to get her happy again. Didn't work. The fireworks did brighten her mood (Phew!) but she was ready to leave about 10 minutes into the show. I guess it's just too late for her still. I am very proud of her for sitting through the whole thing. And if you ask her what her favorite part was, she'll tell you the Mickey Mouse fireworks.

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Super Lily said...

Sounds like a great time...I'm glad she enjoyed the Mickey Mouse fireworks. Those would be my favorite too. :)