Tuesday, July 05, 2011

MaMaw's 80th Birthday

Last Thursday, we packed up and headed to San Antonio to celebrate Michael's grandmother's 80th birthday. MaMaw has a lot of children and grandchildren and most were able to travel to the party. Even cousins from Paris and Berlin came!

MaMaw is something else, one of a kind, special. When her Sunday school class learned of her party, they created a "Flat Jean" (like a Flat Stanley) and took pictures of her all over town. It was the funniest thing I've seen in a while. People were kissing her, she was popping out of bushes, and lots of other funny things. Perfect for her and her personality.

Happy 80th, MaMaw!
Some Flat Jean pictures. (She's in black)
Cake. Her favorite color is purple. We were encouraged to wear purple and the decorations were purple too.
Averys, Halls, and us. Burrows were not able to come.
MaMaw looking at the gift we got her.

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Melissa Jackson said...

So fun to be able to share these moments and memories. "Flat Jean" is great. She looks real!