Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Sea World

After celebrating MaMaw's birthday Thursday night in San Antonio, we stayed to do Sea World. I had planned out our two days there: rides and shows on Friday and swimming on Saturday. We got to a slow start on Friday because we visited with family during breakfast for a long time. I let go of my type-A self and decided just to go with the flow. We did get to see 2 shows on Friday, Shamu (or as Audrey says, Shampoo) and the Sea Lion one. No pictures of Shamu because I had no idea if we'd get wet, so I used my water-proof camera and I haven't developed those pictures yet. Then on Saturday, we decided to save some cash and do Splash Town instead. We visited my brother, Brett, on Saturday night too.

We lucked out with 92 degree weather, but that was still very, very hot.

I think I got sun block on the lens on the picture above.

The girls watching Elmo and gang.

Sea World was a lot of fun! There may be a post soon about Sea World and Splash Town after those pictures are developed.

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