Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shamu and Splashtown

I finally got my pictures developed that were on our disposable and waterproof camera. The pictures of Shamu were not great. That makes me sad that I was so cautious with the real camera. Oh well. I'll know in the future just how high the water goes if we go again. All I know is that there was water on the floor where we were sitting and I wanted to be careful with my new camera.

If you remember, we decided to save some green and go to Splashtown on Saturday instead of swimming at Sea World. I think we made the right decision. The girls just wanted to be in the water. I stayed with Julia as she took a nap in the minivan that we rented for the trip. If we had gone to Sea World, I probably wouldn't have let Julia sleep. Sea World is just too big to try to find someone, even with cell phones. It turned out great for all.

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