Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Baby Books

Well folks, I did it. I FINALLY pulled out Julia's baby book. Just now, you ask? Yes, my baby is 7 months old and she finally has writing in her baby book! Mom of the year right here.

Do you know what's worse? The ONLY pictures I have of Julia were the ones that were taken at Portrait Innovations when she was 3 months old. I will be visiting Shutterfly shortly.

And do you know what is the worst of the worse? All of the picture frames in HER room are baby pictures of AUDREY!

Please don't take her away from me! I love her tremendously!

So I updated Audrey's baby book and got started on Julia's. Do you guys actually fill out everything in those books? Some of it I find a little ridiculous. Maybe I wouldn't when I was seventy years old. But as a thirty year old, it is ridiculous.


Shannon said...

Ummmm...Morgan doesn't even have a baby book! I'm a worse mom. This third kid will only be remembered by his/her sisters telling stories!!!

Can't believe Audrey and Morgan are about to be THREE!!! We're doing a breakfast birthday party for her. Everyone comes in their jammies...should be fun!

Heather said...

I fill out almost every page. I think it is fun to look back at my book and see what things cost, etc. Of course, now that I have put all this effort into it, my kids will probably not care. :)