Tuesday, November 02, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...

Most of you have probably seen these pictures on facebook already, but I know you can't get enough! Ha, yeah right! Here are my little ladies dressed up for Halloween. Audrey wore a Dorothy dress that she received last year. I found an infant Toto costume for Julia. I didn't find out it was for an 18 month old until it arrived. Oh well, it got the job done. It was itchy inside, so not only was Julia wearing long sleeves and pants on an 80+ degree day, she topped that with faux fur and fleece. She didn't complain much; she's a trooper!

Audrey really enjoyed it this year. She lost her shyness when she figured out that these scary adults would give her candy if she went up to them. She even said Trick or Treat a few times. My church does the best Trunk or Treat I've seen around here and I'm so glad my kids get to experience it. Afterwards, we even went up to one of Michael's coworker's house to do an actual trick or treat. This coworker can't get enough of Audrey, so we had to surprise her with a visit. She offered Audrey candy about 10 times. Audrey always obliged. Then at the end of the night, Michael's folks dropped by to see the girls. After a Cowboys loss (I don't care about them) and a Rangers loss, I'm glad I got to enjoy Halloween with the family and a morning of service with my church with another round of "The Church has Left the Building."


The Powells said...

Very cute!

Shannon said...

Adorable girlies!