Monday, November 08, 2010

I Better Get to Workin'!

Is it November 8th ALREADY?! That means I have my two year old for just a little more than a month before she's another year older. I was so fearful of the "Terrible Twos" but I just loved this past year! Audrey went through the "Terrible Two" phase for about a week - the week she turned two. It was like someone gave her a memo or something. I have heard that 3's are worse, but since year 2 was fun, I'm gonna look forward to 3 as well.

I was getting all proud of myself because I had taken care of all of Christmas and Audrey's birthday presents in the first week of November. I forgot one thing - Audrey's party! In the past, I took months of slowly putting her party together. I'm not creative in the least, so I really work hard to put together something that's just kinda cute. Now I have just about a month to get it all sorted in my head and bring it all together. Thanksgiving is sitting there right in the middle of it all. And it's Thanksgiving with the Halls, meaning it will be at least a week-long celebration. I was inspired last night with a theme and I'll go to Hobby Lobby today to see if it's doable.

Here's a little video for me to remember how Audrey was at two.

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