Thursday, March 03, 2011

11 Months

Say it ain't so! I can not have just one month left with my baby! Julia turned eleven months don't know. When in the world do you recognize a month birthday that's on the 31st in a month with only 28 days? Usually, I would just recognize it on the 1st when there are only 30 days, but this one is just plain odd. I usually despise the month of February (for various reasons) and I think it just needs to be removed from the calendar. Now back to Julia.

It was a big month for Julia! Something actually happened! She got a tooth! In fact, she has two now, but #2 broke through during that mushy 10 to 11 month period. She still doesn't have a crawl figured out. I took her to the doctor Monday and while I was there, I made him check out her legs. She's a strong one, so she's just choosing to sit and not do much. I don't mind. I can't call her a toddler if she's not even pulling up, right? If she's not a toddler, then she's still a baby. I don't want her to grow up! Let's see, what else? She got her second haircut. She still sleeps 3 times a day usually. She waves hi and bye-bye. She says Dada much more than Mama. My mom and I heard her say thank you, but I don't really count that one. She's a picky eater so far.

More than anything, she is just the sweetest baby I've been around. She will lay her head down on my chest and love on me for awhile. She smiles a lot and laughs often. We were watching Dick Van Dyke on Netflix the other day and she was constantly laughing at the clumsiness of Rob Petrie. Audrey remains her number one comedian. It has been a wonderful year with a cute baby girl that I'm so glad to be blessed with!

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