Thursday, March 17, 2011

Embrace the Camera 3.17.11

Happy St Patty's Day y'all! Michael is always making fun of me for being Irish because of some temper that he says I have. Where he got that, I'll never know. Ha! I'm using to trace our genealogy and I'm finding more Irish on his side than on mine. He may be half Hispanic, but he may be more Irish than me!

Last Friday night, I got a call from a dear friend who lives in San Antonio, Caley. She was on her way to Ft. Worth and was going to be bringing her mom to Dallas in the morning and she was wondering if she could see me. Ummm...let me check my calendar, um....Caley, get your rear over here NOW! I love this girl! She was in my wedding. In fact, she and I shared a bed the night before my wedding. Who knows what kind of conversations we had before my big leap in life. We were planning on having a family picnic at the park on Saturday and she just joined us. Audrey is almost always hesitant around people, but never Caley. That says a lot about how comfortable Caley makes people feel. Love ya Cakes!




Caley and me

Us, all in blue. Ha!


Amber said...

it's always wonderful to catch up with friends. Cute family pic.

Conni said...

oh I am lovin' the sunglasses too cute

Thanks for sharing

Jami said...

gotta love time with friends. Love Julia's sunglasses!

pakosta said...

LOVE the family shot!