Monday, March 07, 2011


...the blooming pear tree.

Underneath is this week's theme. Too bad it is so cloudy today. It's supposed to rain tomorrow and if I wait longer, those blooms may be gone. I love how God makes new life so beautiful. Spring. It rejuvenates the soul, doesn't it? Next week's project is Spring and I am looking forward to find spring sprouting all about me. Please join me for Spring Week. I'd love to see all of your pictures! Leave a comment on my blog if you take a picture of Spring so we can all see!

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Melissa Jackson said...

I am loving all the blooming pear trees! I actually took a picture of some of our blooms one night last week. Since it was after dark, there is really no background for the photo. I love the angle of yours with the sky as the backdrop.

I am in the middle of a spring post for the first day of spring. Assuming I actually get a few more photos to make it worth posting, you should see it in a couple of weeks!