Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Photo Project - Planning

Last week's photo project theme was planning. Boy, have I been planning! Julia's first birthday party is this weekend. I've been making, creating, and buying. My house is a wreck because of this party. The pictures aren't great, but it will give you a little glimpse of what the party will be like.

I am a Excel nut. I plan almost everything this way, including my children's names.

I copied and pasted my recipes. Then I combined all the ingredients into one list so I'll know what I'll need and what I'll need to buy. The Find feature insures me that I didn't miss any ingredient.

You wanna know what I'll be baking? Squint and see if you can read the screen. If not, you'll have to wait for the party pictures. :)

And can you tell what I'm making here? Hmmm....

What did moms do before blogging? I have gotten most of my ideas from blogs for this party. I got my theme, recipes, instructions, creative ideas, etc. from the talented people out there in Blogland. So thanks, y'all!


Rachel said...

Wow...you are going to have some treats at that party! That's my kind of party! I get all my ideas from blogs too...it's great!

Shannon said...

I know what that last picture is...a tutu!!! Can't beleive Miss Julia is going to be ONE. Can't wait to see pictures of the par-tay!