Monday, April 18, 2011

Bluebonnets 2011

So, yeah. I tried to do the bluebonnet picture thing. I am not pleased with the pictures, but at least I got some which I sure haven't been able to do before. Audrey's allergies were pretty calm on Wednesday, so I stuck her in the middle of a flowery field. :) I wanted to go in the morning, when the light was better, but Audrey slept until 9:20 and Julia was already napping when she woke up. Sooo, I took them out at high noon. That's the worst time for lighting, right? And they were hungry. I didn't use the right settings on my camera either. And I was scared of rattlesnakes after that lady on the news the night before talked about how foolish it was to take these pictures. I stayed where the grass was short and not into the middle of the bluebonnets. Julia didn't like the nature thing. She wanted me to hold her and didn't like that I just clicked away instead. Maybe I'll do this again if everything lines up correctly.

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Krystal said...

What field did you take these in? I haven't been able to find one!