Thursday, April 21, 2011

Embrace the Camera 4.21.11

You may or may not have remembered me mentioning going to karaoke bar a few weeks ago. This was not any ole karaoke bar. This was a Korean, family-style karaoke bar. Although, I think know I wouldn't bring my young family there. It was SO MUCH FUN. Apparently, the Asians know how to do karaoke right. They have dozens of rooms where your party can go and there is no embarrassing yourself in front of strangers. The rooms have leather couches and televisions on the walls. The tv's show you the lyrics and also have cartoon-like characters or weird korean videos as the background. There are two microphones to pass around. And the best part? They auto-tune your voice. It must really work because my friends didn't take my microphone away. They really are sweet people. Let me introduce you to them:

That's me, Jill, Ashley, and Shanta(visiting from TN)

Sarah and Katie jumped in as well.

Sarah doing a little Staying Alive dance move.

Sing it, Katie!

I must mention that our husbands made this possible. We were having dinner together and the guys offered to take our children home and watch them so that we could party all night. These girls were the perfect girls to do this with. They all have a little diva-ness to them and being in the spotlight is just their thing...especially Ashley! Her rendition of It's Raining Men still makes me laugh. I have video footage - oh buhlieve me, I do - but I should not post that to the world. I don't think y'all could handle such greatness! I had such a fabulous time and it came at the perfect time in my hectic life. Thanks, girls!

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Kristine said...

It looks like such a BLAST!!! I need to find me a "Korean, family-style karaoke bar" :)