Monday, April 04, 2011

Julia's First Birthday Party

WARNING: Picture overload!

On Saturday, we celebrated Julia's first year of life. We had a lot of fun and I was so happy so many showed up for her birthday celebration!

The theme was Milk and Cookies. Julia had her first sip of milk on Thursday and she's a fan! Good thing since it was her party theme. Audrey just last week decided that she liked white milk.

For the milk, we had white, strawberry, and chocolate milk.
For the cookies, we had chocolate sugar cookies with pink icing in "J"s and "1"s; Oreos (ran out of steam to do Orea Balls); Cocoa Krisp Treats with black/pink M&Ms; M&M cookies; and German chocolate cake cookies.

A special thanks goes out to Rachel for making me the German chocolate cake cookies when I had a baby and introducing me to Annie's Eats.

I like to have family-only parties for the first couple of years. I tried to get pictures of everyone, but didn't get them all.

Here's my great-aunt, Barbara.

This is my "great" aunt, Sandra. We call her Sasa.

My niece, Maddie and sis-in-law, Jaime. Blake and Macie were there too.

My parents, Papa and Mimi. They hosted.

Of course, Audrey was there.

Michael's Dad, Poppy. Audrey being shy.

Michael's Mom, Ma.

My grandmother, Nana

Papa, again.

My cousin, Jill. Her kids Hannah and Hunter were there too.

My cousins, Jana, Judy, and Ashley were also there.

Mimi bought Audrey this sweet little pink and black dress for the party.

Julia got her very own cupcake to eat.

She preferred just eating the mini morsels.

She finally got a bit of icing.

Love her!

If it were not for my mom, I could not have pulled this off. She watched the girls for me while I made a mess of her kitchen. She also helped me put all of the last-minute details together. She was awesome!

Happy Birthday, Julia!


The Price Family! said...

GREAT party! Such a cute idea! I loved all the pictures! Im so ashamed to post pictures of my son's bday. It was not creative at all. lol

Heather said...

Very cute party! Happy Birthday Julia!!

laura jo said...

oh my goodness, Brooke. You have outdone yourself! This party is AMAZING! Seriously, it should be featured in one of those design blogs. You did such a great job with the pink, black, and white. Love it!!

Rachel said...

Brooke, that table is so CUTE! And so is Julia...she has the greatest smile! I can't believe she's one!