Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Last Friday, Audrey visited her allergist. Bad news: He thinks we're going to be buddies. Good news: He gave her a prescription that has really helped her! Her eyes have not swelled up, gotten red, or itched and she has not wheezed either! She had been waking up a lot at night because her eyes hurt or were sealed shut. Not anymore. In fact, she and Julia have decided that waking up past EIGHT is the way to do things! Julia has always been easy to put to bed, but Audrey is just now putting herself to bed. So now sleep is occurring earlier for us and lasting longer too. I might just conquer the world now.


Carole said...

That has to be a wonderful feeling! Sleep is such a good thing. Healing occurs during sleep, you know.

billy and stephanie said...

Glad you have found something to help! Sleep makes all things better :) What med is she taking?? ~Stephanie

Brooke said...

Stephanie, she is taking Singulair and a higher dose of Zyrtec daily.