Wednesday, July 28, 2010


If you live in the Dallas area, you should go to Sprinkles! They are also located in Houston, Chicago, the west coast, and other places. Check out their website HERE.


I convinced Michael to spend $6 to get two cupcakes the other day, and I thought it was very worth it. I won't be doing that all of the time, but oh how I wish I could! So moist and delicious! I had the Dark Chocolate and the Black and White. I know that the Red Velvet is amazing, so that will be my next try. And when Audrey is not with me, I'll try the Peanut Butter Chip. And I am wanting to give the Key Lime a shot too. Wow...this could be dangerous!

You Dallas people can find this place at Preston and NW Hwy (Southeast corner).

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Rachel said...

It IS dangerous...I love sprinkles!