Saturday, July 31, 2010

4 Months

Sweet Julia is 4 months old today! Really? No stinkin' way! Here's the latest about my absolute joy:
  • Poor girl is losing her hair. (As am I. Hate this postpartum stuff!) And that black hair is turning dark brown. If she ends up bald - I. Will. Cry.
  • She's gotten better in the car, until the last 2 or so days. Not her fault though. Mommy was just dragging her all around town.
  • Sleep: You never know what you're gonna get. There was a night last week that she woke up every single hour. Can I get caffeine through an IV, please? But she also gave me a full night's sleep too. Most nights, she gets up twice. She also is beginning to want you to put her in her crib and not be rocked.
  • She laughs so easily! This is good medicine for my soul. She's beginning to watch Audrey wherever she goes and she usually has a big grin on her face doing so.
  • She has found her feet! She holds onto them like they were made of gold.
  • I finally started giving her tummy-time. She doesn't like it, so I was not making her until a couple of weeks ago. Maybe next month I will post that she rolled over.

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Miss G said...

Brooke! So glad you already came over for a blog visit. Glad to be able to click to yours as well. David has found his feet too and I love it! Kelly