Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Whole Bunch of Random

I soooo want to be a better blogger, but life has run me down lately, and I can't think straight, much less type straight. ???? You see what I'm talking about?

Quick update on me. No more rash. I was on the prednisone for about a month and I never want to take that bad boy again! I was just fine taking it, but the withdrawals are awful. First, it made me exhausted! On the days Michael was home, I'd sleep the majority of the day and I would still feel like I could sleep another 8 hours. Then I began to notice these crazy lines on my nails. You could peel my nail, but that is gross, so I won't go on. I know that nails tell a lot about one's health, so I was concerned. Lastly, I had horrible joint pain. It was all on the right side of my body. It would come and go in my knee, hip, shoulder, and elbow, but it was constant in my wrist. It kept me up at night and brought me to tears. Again, it hurt to hold Julia. A few days ago, I started taking Licorice pills to jump start my adrenal glands and help my joints. So far I feel a thousand times better! I can't wait for all of this to be a distant memory.

Michael: He has been out of town a lot in the last month or two. I'm glad he's home for awhile now. He was also recently promoted. He has worked so hard and I'm proud of him and the way he commits to things.

Audrey: Love this silly girl of mine! She keeps me laughing and has done so well with Julia joining the family. She will begin preschool in about a month. You can't mention school with her getting excited about a backpack and a school bus. She's going to be so sad when she figures out that I'll be taking her to school! We went to the Rangers game last night and she did so well. The only bad moment was when we were driving away and she started to cry because the sun had gone "bye-bye." This morning she said hi to the sun and clapped. So funny!

Julia: Won't say too much here because she's about to turn 4 months and will require an entire post for herself. She's just wonderful and I'm so happy to have her in my life.


Bought some bows from K-K's Bow-tique and LOVE them. Click HERE!

The Perkins cousins!

The Hall Cousins!

College Roomies with some of our children.

Love and miss these girls!

I'm kind of wanting to have Alice Cullen's hairstyle. Thinking my hair is too thin and this will take too long to fix, but I LOVE it!

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