Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Last Thursday, my 25 year old cousin, Austin, died. The cause is still unknown at this point. It may have been from a seizure. We had his memorial service yesterday. I feel like this is all a very bad dream and I'm waiting to be awakened.

Please pray for his mom, Judy. He was living with her at the time and now she is alone in the house. Last night was her first night alone. I hope that she was given the opportunity to grieve how she wanted on that first night alone. Also pray for his dad, Brad. Austin also has two younger sisters, Allie and Ashley.

Austin's grandfather died last March. As a result, we began chatting some on facebook and shared quite a bit. He came to visit us in the hospital when Julia was born. He introduced me to the Beatles song, Julia. I looked it up and it immediately became Julia's anthem. It's the only song that will stop Julia's crying if we're in the car and she's upset. Audrey also loves to sing the song. That was the last time I saw Austin. He was taking time out of his day to celebrate Julia's life. Thank you, Austin! I'll miss talking with you. I thought we had more time together. I really did. I would have tried harder getting to know you better if I had known you were leaving us so soon. This life is so temporary. I hope I've learned that lesson.


BECKY said...

so much sadness in this world, so much pain. i'm sorry you are in the midst of it right now.

the song julia is precious- so glad you have that as a memory of austin and as a celebration of your sweet girl.

Shannon said...

I'm so sorry for the loss Brooke, but also thankful for the time you had with him recently. Love that you have sweet memories when you sing that song over your little girl. Love you, friend.