Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Can't Wait to Go to Bed!

We are in the middle of Michael's busy season at work right now. That means he's working all the time. He's hardly ever home and when he is home, he's working. On Sunday, he decided he could work from home and locked himself up in our bedroom. Audrey is allowed to be in the room with him if she quietly watches a movie while he works.

A certain someone allowed a certain 3 year old to eat raspberries on our bed. The results were stained pants, comforter, and pillow sham. Her sippy cup also leaked juice onto our comforter. Audrey's pants were cleaned easily, but I had to take the comforter to the dry cleaners.

I have spent the last two nights longing for my heavy, warm comforter. I added blankets and turned on the heat, but there's just something about the weight of the comforter that can't be replaced by blankets. I definitely became a snuggler the past 2 nights after Michael comes home (after midnight lately). At least I can warm up by him. I have my comforter back today and I can't wait to get under it!

How do you like to sleep? I like to wear socks, have my sheets tucked in, and have something heavy and warm on me. Michael doesn't like socks and likes his sheets untucked. How do we ever stay married?

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Melissa Jackson said...

That’s funny. It is the opposite in our house. Michael tucks the sheets in extra tight on his side every night before getting into bed. I like to be able to get an arm or a leg out the side. I have never slept under a comforter. Michael has compromised with me by adding extra blankets to his side of the bed. :o)