Monday, February 28, 2011


Well, we had a rough weekend at our house. Let's see...Michael was home just to sleep for probably a combined total of 10 hours, Audrey was wheezing and being a 3 year old that desperately misses her daddy, and Julia developed a fever that I hope has more to do with teething than with a cough that she has. Throw in some other unfortunate instances and poor mothering on my part, and you have one poopy weekend. But I do have some pictures of our highlights. I apologize in advance for the poor picture quality. You never know what you'll get with your cell phone camera.

My aunt, we call her Sasa, gave Julia her second haircut. Amazing that Julia has had the same number of haircuts that I have had since she was born. She desperately needed some shape and style. When I had cut her hair 4 months ago, I just cut off her mullet. Audrey has yet to have someone other than me cut her hair. I doubt that will change any time soon. Two very different kids, I tell ya!

Audrey receiving a breathing treatment before going to bed. This is a highlight because Daddy was home to give it to her. Believe me, they were both soaking up this moment.

Tug at my heartstrings! Look at the girls reaching for each other! They are becoming better and better friends lately. Whenever Julia decides to become mobile, they will have so much fun together.

One day I will think this is cute. I'm admittedly annoyed with it right now. Wherever we go, Audrey says it is loud and covers her ears. Which means she doesn't eat if we're at a restaurant. At this particular place, I could hear the conversations on the other side of the restaurant because it was so quiet. There is a story behind her doing this, but I don't know if I want to go there.

So how does one forget a rather bad weekend if they aren't much of a drinker? I go to Corner Bakery and order their french toast (made with custard) and eggs. I'm an emotional eater and this did wonders for me. Maybe I won't be wearing a swimsuit this summer after all. ;)

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billy and stephanie said...

More sickness :( YUCK! When is busy season over? Hang in there! And I am totally with you. There is nothing that a high fat full of sugar meal cannot cure ;) Hugs Stephanie