Thursday, October 14, 2010

Embrace the Camera - ACU Homecoming

This past weekend, we headed west to Abilene to attend Homecoming. This was Audrey's second time to be at Homecoming (3rd if you include when I was pregnant with her...she was very much there!) and Julia's first (again, 2nd including pregnancy...still feeling very sick at that point.). They are well on their way to becoming Wildcats!

We had planned to get there early Friday and attend the carnival. The carnival is my favorite part now that we have kids. It gives the kids a chance to play while you visit with your friends with no rush to make lunch, dinner, chapel, game or whatever else. Unfortunately, Michael couldn't break away from work and we didn't pull into Abilene until 10:30 that night.

I didn't attend GATA Breakfast because I only go on reunion years. It's just too difficult with kids. And money is a factor too. I did donate to help the 12 GATAs give their 41 pledges a fantastic pledging experience! SO glad that THE OLDEST CLUB on campus didn't die out! Sorry KJK, I'll say that as long as GATA exists!

The football game was a fun one to watch. So glad we pulled out the win in the end! Audrey LOVED the game. Julia preferred me to walk around with her. They both did great w/o taking a nap all day!

We also got to eat meals with wonderful friends. Lunch was with the Potthoffs and Dinner with the Dows.
Audrey watching the parade go by.
Audrey's favorite parade item - the R-E-D Red (it's a song) firetruck.
This float won. Good job NuNu's.
It is miraculous that the SubT van made it. The boys were destroying the shocks while it was beaten with baseball bats. No comment on the goat in a grocery cart. Sorry I didn't get a picture of it.
Here are two GATA friends and our daughters. Paizlee (red bow) is about 3 or 4 weeks older than Julia and Lucy (blue bow) is 5 weeks younger than Julia.
Audrey got to see her long-lost friend, Anna Lee.
Audrey had a TON of fun (after she warmed up) with roommate Lori's girls. Faith is looking at Julia and Sophia is smiling at the camera. Baby Eli, one day younger than Julia, was too busy eating to make the picture.
We had a lot of fun and wish we could have talked more with friends. Love all of my ACUers!

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beccabur said...

Oh Brooke...just what calendar has 1920 BEFORE 1919?!? Go Kojies! P.S. My mom is a GATA. I've forgiven her for it though!! ;) P.S.S. I'm glad GATA is still around too! Becca