Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Illness That Would Not End

Man, this family has suffered from the daddy of all colds this month. We are closing in on three weeks of the SAME cold! Michael and Audrey caught the cold while we were in Abilene. Fortunately, they weren't sidelined until Sunday, the day we drove home. Michael took the day off that Monday and was able to beat it. Audrey, on the other hand, has allergies and it compromises her ability to fight this nasty bug. She's been to the doctor twice. Of course, I've been holding her a lot and have received many a cough in my face, so I got it too.

This bug is a tricky one. It makes you think you are about to get over it and then slaps you in the face with a fierce cough and a low fever. I thought Audrey was about over it two weekends ago. We had gone to the Arboretum on Friday and she seemed to do well. She was scheduled to go to the State Fair on Saturday with her cousins and Michael's parents. She had a rough night Friday night, but I just couldn't keep her away from the fair. Bad mom, I know. But how could you say no to this:
Her cousins were here from College Station. She just had to play with them! She had an absolute blast at the fair. She loved the rides! She didn't seem too sick that day either. But this day set her WAY back in her illness. I'm REALLY hoping that she gets to go to school tomorrow. They're having their first class party! And of course, there is Halloween on Sunday. She also has a birthday party to attend on Saturday. She MUST get well!

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billy and stephanie said...

Love the cousin picture! Too cute! Saying a prayer for a healthy family! ~Stephanie