Thursday, October 07, 2010

Embrace the Camera - Go Rangers!

Our friends had free tickets to the last regular season Ranger game on Sunday. Unfortunately, Ruth injured herself pretty badly and they were not able to go. They sweetly gave their tickets to us and we were able to enjoy Fan Appreciation Day in GORGEOUS weather! We had to do church/lunch/changing clothes/picking up tickets before arriving at the game, so we were quite late, but we got free parking because of that! Really, with a baby and a toddler, it was the perfect amount of time to watch a baseball game. The Rangers lost this meaningless game, but we did win yesterday against the Rays in our first playoff game. We'll win today too! ;)

Daddy with Audrey
Poor Julia didn't have sunglasses like everyone else. Daddy loaned her his cap. Actually, it's my cap. When you're married with a family, nothing is ever truly yours anymore.
This is Audrey at the park last week. Can you see me embracing the camera? ;)


The Mall Family said...

We love Baseball games!! Taking pictures at the stadium is so much fun! We are Angels fans. We were pretty excited about the game on Sunday :) Lots of luck to the Rangers in the play-off's. I still cheer for Valdi :)

Just SO said...

How fun! And I love how you worked yourself in there with your reflection in the glasses.

mjrodriguez said...

with those big glasses, she could pass to be a child celebrity!