Monday, October 25, 2010

Goin' to the World Series!!!

Michael treated me to a Rangers game for my birthday (in 3 weeks). It just happened to be the game that sent us into the World Series.

*Breathe* WORLD SERIES!!! AAAHHH!!! *Breathe*

I've been watching the Rangers since I was born. I'm certain that every Ranger game was being played on the tv in my house when I was just a few month old. I watched most games until I became a mom and because that requires most of my time, I only caught a game here and there. Then we got rid of our cable. So as the season progressed, we began to rely on to keep up with each game's events.

We went to the game even though I was sick. I stood in the rain even though I was sick. I screamed my poor voice away. It was pure bliss.

I'm not even going to try to explain the euphoria that was experienced. It ended perfectly by A-Rod watching the third strike go by. While we were making our way out of the stadium, my ears were literally ringing from all of the cheering.

Rangers fans, IT'S TIME!

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Melissa Jackson said...

We have been watching lots of Ranger baseball at our house. So fun that you guys were at the game! Let's go Rangers!!!