Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Pray for Leslie

I still don't have a decent picture of Julia to post for her 6 month birthday. Life has been hard on us sleep-wise. I wimped out "ferberizing" her Friday when it appeared her legs were hurting from her shots. So another weekend came and went without fixing this sleeping problem. This weekend won't be a good one either, so I'm doing it tonight till however long it takes. I got up NINE times between midnight and 7:00 last night. She, Audrey, and Michael all had me get out of bed. Come on family, it's called SLEEP!

My true intention of this post today is to make you aware of a terribly sad story. This family needs your prayers greatly. Leslie is married to a widower with children. She wanted to raise kids of her own and became pregnant with twins. She delivered a stillborn and the other baby's lungs were not developed enough to survive. She went into cardiac arrest while delivering the placenta. She went without oxygen for 17 minutes. Her brain activity has not been good. Please check out her story and pray for this family.

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