Thursday, October 07, 2010

Julia - 6 Months!

Happy HALF YEAR birthday, Julia! (She was born on the 31st, so this is quite tardy.) Yikes! Half a year has passed since Julia graced us with her life. I remember being quite worried about how I was going to juggle two and Little Miss Julia has made this life of two girls so enjoyable! Does anyone else just want to eat this little girl up? I just love kissing her chubby neck, under her cheek. There are no words to explain my love for her, so I'm not going to try.

Julia got to see the doctor on this month's birthday. Her stats are:
Head - 16 1/2" - 40%
Height - 27 1/4" - 92% (slight drop)
Weight -15# 5oz - 45% (big drop)

Julia finally has the rolling from tummy to back down. She has yet to roll the other way, but she's close. She can't sit yet. Mommy's glad that she's not crawling either! We just ferberized her this week and we're doing soooooooo much better sleeping at night! She got crazy the last couple of weeks, so it had to be done. She's eating quite a bit of food these days. Her tummy doesn't like either rice or peaches, so we're avoiding those for the time-being. She still takes 3 naps a day. She loves watching Audrey and laughs at her even when Audrey is just sitting there. It's getting harder to feed her because she always has to be looking at Audrey and Audrey is always running around. The spoon has often missed her mouth, but that's okay. I love that she loves her sister so much! Bows aren't staying on as much because they end up in her mouth. Still no teeth, but that may change soon. She also wants her momma around. She whimpers any time I'm out of sight. She's growing up on us fast, but I can't wait to see what the next 6 months bring!

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Melissa Jackson said...

Brooke, she is so cute! You have a precious family!