Friday, October 01, 2010

Five Question Friday

Happy 6 month birthday to my baby! Can't believe you're half a year old!

Thank goodness the weekend is upon us! I NEED my husband to be home and not at work or at someone else's house or at a dinner for a bit, and I get that tomorrow! That means I get to escape Munchkinland and find rest. Now on to the questions!

1. Did you have a pen pal when you were little (or now)? Where were/are they from?
I used to write back and forth with my cousin in Florida. Pen pals are fun, but I wonder how weird that is for kids today. They can now skype with someone across the world without a second thought.

2. If you could do a different job for one day, what would it be?
Hmmm. This is a really tough one for me. I think I would really enjoy being a sonographer. I actually have to see one fairly often (I'm NOT pregnant!) and I just love watching her do what she does. I also love this particular lady's personality. I think she makes you feel at ease if that's what you need and also makes it fun for you when you are excited. I'm almost certain that she doesn't break bad news to you, but leaves that for the doctor. Highlights of this job for me: I could be "sciencey" in a cool way and not a nerdy way; see miracles everyday; interact with all kinds of people; share exciting news but leave the bad news to someone else to share. Sounds good to me!

3. Do you remember your biggest fear from when you were little?
I remember being scared of trains passing by on the railroad track. I also remember why I was scared. You only saw trains in the news when they derailed. So, when I got close to a train, I just knew it was going to derail and land on us all. I'm sure my parents just wanted to pull out their hair whenever they got stopped by a train when I was little. Sorry folks!

4. What do you think is a waste of time? Why?
I can't think of anything good. I'll go with this - when cities don't synchronize their stoplights. My drive to Audrey's preschool can and should take 10 minutes. Most of the time it takes 20 minutes because the lights are not synchronized. I'm on one street the entire time and I sometimes hit every single light. That's a waste of my time!

5. What is the oldest item you have in your closet?
I have a pair of shorts that are from 6th grade. I wear them to bed. They have an elastic waist, so don't be amazed. ;)

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