Thursday, September 30, 2010

Embrace the Camera - Curious George Live!

My sweet Audrey had her first Daddy/Daughter date with her most favorite person around, Dad! They got to see her most favorite talking animal, Curious George. Really, this day could not go wrong for her.

Love this picture! She wasn't expecting the flash, obviously. :)
Notice that she had to wear her monkey shirt for Curious George.

Daddy and Audrey

She wasn't going to let a little rain slow her down!

She has arrived!

The excitement builds!

Let's see. Daddy has already bought her a doll and cotton candy. What a pushover!

Video after the show.

She came home with a whole lot of loot.

What did Julia and I do? We did sleep, but we also went shopping at Sam Moons! Is Sam Moons just a Dallas thing? It's just a little bit of heaven on earth. You must go. Julia wore her "Born to Shop" outfit an old roomie of mine gave her. Thanks, Lori!

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Alicia said...

sweet pics of a special night!