Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My Audrey girl!

Audrey is full of laughter and energy. I am amazed how much fun she can have on such little food and little sleep! ;)

This girl has been so easy since she became a toddler. I am so proud of how she has handled some big changes in her life.

She basically taught her self how to use the potty. Really. One week I was reluctantly potty training her. In almost the next week, she was going all by herself. I would be in another room and hear the toilet flush and hear her wash her hands. I spied on her once and she had done everything correctly! I'm not expecting it to be that easy with Julia!

Then she picked out everything for her big girl room. I think it came out quite well! She may become my interior designer. We didn't push her into her new room because we had some time before Julia was born. One night, she decided that was where she wanted to sleep and the rest is history.

Then Julia came along. Life was never going to be the same for Audrey after Julia. She has done so well being a big sister! Audrey helps out in so many ways. The only signs of jealousy I see are small ones. Such as asking for chocolate milk when Julia is getting Mom's milk, wanting to take a bath when I'm giving Julia a bath, or wanting to be held when Julia is held. She talks to Julia, plays with her, sings to her, and shows her things. I love it!

The most recent thing has been preschool. If you know Audrey at all, you know that she is a shy girl with a lot of fears. She has talked to random adults at the school while I've been there. She's nervous, but she does it! She walks in the classroom and embraces the challenges in front of her. She hasn't cried yet, but I know she probably has wanted to cry. I'm just so proud of how brave she has been. This girl will be able to do great things with that kind of strength.

What I love about her is how sweet she is. She becomes really sad when she sees others in pain or upset. She also has become a cuddler. When she was nursing, she never wanted me to hold her during any other time. Now she loves to be held. I get to rock her every night and I'm loving it.

I also think she's very funny. I don't know if all two year olds are like this, but it sure is entertaining to be around her! Hopefully one day the outside world will be able to see this humorous side of her personality.

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Lynn Leaming said...

So fun to see the pictures and see that long hair! I remember how stressed you were about her hair in her early days! Glad that God is bringing you such joy through her!