Wednesday, September 15, 2010


My sweet sweet Julia. Really, what is there not to love about this baby? This dark-haired angel has brightened my life so much! She loves to cuddle. She shrieks with glee when you love on her. She laughs. She sleeps. She coos. She only fusses a bit to let you know she's ready for a nap. Really, she's a dream baby for me.

I think she's pretty smart too. When I was dropping her off at my parents before Michael and I left for Colorado, she knew I was leaving her. While I was unloading the car, my dad placed her on her playmat and she started to cry - hard. She knew that her playmat should be at her house, not at Mimi and Papa's house. I was able to settle her down and Mimi held her. Then Julia saw me put her mobile on Mimi's crib and lost it again. She wouldn't nurse from me and I had to leave her crying in a strange crib. She eventually figured out that staying alone with Mimi and Papa wasn't such a bad thing and went back to her usual self. I couldn't believe that a 5 month old could be that perceptive!

She loves to watch her older sister. I can't wait for them to interact more. She loves it when her Daddy plays with her. You never heard squeals so loud!

God blessed me with an easy baby this time around. He knew what He was doing because April was such a terribly hard month for me. I had a very sick toddler and I was going through my own hardships that a typical newborn would have sent me over the edge. So thankful that one of her first nights of fantastic sleep occurred when we were in the ER with Audrey. And then she gave this mommy a full nights rest the next night so that our family could function again.

What is there not to love?


Carole said...

Well, she certainly has won over her Mimi and Papa. The way Papa doted on her while y'all were gone bordered on the ridiculous. We finally woke her up that Sunday at 9 to get her ready for church. All smiles. She literally did not cry til that night after we'd taken her to your house to await your arrival and we tried to put her down for the night. It's almost like she knew why we'd gone back to her home and she wanted to stay up to welcome you guys home!

Tim Perkins said...

That was an interesting weekend. Julia was suspicious of me at the beginning, but the more I held her and talked to her, the more she accepted me. Pretty soon, we were together every moment she wasn't sleeping.

We had a whole weekend to kill, so I began to take her out to the front porch, sit her in my lap, and let her watch the world go by. I'm fascinated by how babies learn language, so I thought it would be cool to use this "porch time" to talk to her almost nonstop and even sing hymns to her!

She was perfect the entire time. We bonded so easily that by Sunday morning, she was initiating wet kisses on my cheek during the sermon.

If you stacked $10K in cash in front of me and offered it to me, no questions asked, or to experience that weekend w/Julia again, I would opt for the little girl. It was an experience of a lifetime.

Kama said...

What a sweetheart. I LOVE those pictures. She sounds amazing! God bless you guys!