Sunday, September 12, 2010


This week I am going to write about my three most favorite people in the world. Of course, that's my husband and children!

Michael is such a giving person! He is a wonderful man of God. Michael does everything in his power to make life for our family go smoothly. He is a very active father and husband. He really has made marriage an easy thing.

He does things like gets me Ruth's Chris sweet potatoes on hard days, lets me take naps, buys ME things when HE gets a promotion, plans a getaway for our anniversary and countless other sweet things.

He is always looking for ways to save our family money. It can be through 401Ks, utilities, groceries, or house payments.

He is the best father my girls could have! He gives them so much time and attention. He teaches Audrey about God and how to be kind. He is super fun too!

He works so hard! I know his coworkers appreciate his hard work. I appreciate how he does his best to balance a tough job with family life.

He surrounds himself with good friends. I also benefit from this because those men have chosen amazing, beautiful, Godly women that I admire and learn from.

He's my best friend and my teammate in this life. I'm better because of him. I consider myself very blessed to have him in my life.

I know that some of you think that someone isn't being authentic when they speak like this about their spouse. Everything I've written is true. We do have our hard times, but they are few and far between. I enjoy spending time with him. When we do argue, we argue with respect and do it privately. Marriage is a give and take process. He does it well; I'm still learning.


The Price Family! said...

I too LOVE my husband. I get so tired of people putting down marriage and how awful it is. If you find the mate the God has planned for you instead of what you want emotionally then you can have an amazing marriage. :)

Tim Perkins said...

Couldn't agree more. Michael qualifies as a son in our family, not son-in-law. His spirituality, kindness, and intellect blow me away. He's so good that I've developed something of an inferiority complex when around him.

Michael is the perfect mate for our perfect daughter. I'm so glad you didn't get in a rush to get married, but instead waited on God to provide THE MAN.

Carole said...

That is the greatest blessing a parent can know that their children have been blessed with the perfect lifemate. I thank God daily for my children, their spouses, and their children. No matter what may befall us, if we have God and our perfect mate, we'll get through it!