Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Scary Trip to the Zoo

Last Saturday, we went to the Ft. Worth Zoo with Mike, Ruth, and Baby Joshua (although he's not much a baby anymore!). It was a lot of fun! Audrey got to see all of her favorite animals up close and personal. I got a little a lot too personal with one creature at the zoo.

We had just met up with our friends and were walking to go see the elephants when I saw something flying in the air. Michael said he saw it about 20 feet away. I thought it was a large moth. I could not have been more wrong. It flew into the walking area, turned, and headed straight towards me! I stopped walking and began to turn away. It continued on its path to get me! And got me it did! The creature landed on my chest, by my neck, where there was no clothing, just my crawling skin. I look down to see it was a roach! I knocked it off and my dearest friend, Mike, stepped on that sucker! Of course, I screamed like a little girl and did an Elaine Benes dance move that pulled a stomach muscle. I'm just so glad that Julia was still in the stroller at this point and not being carried in the Baby Bjorn!

"I saw the whole thing. It was something to behold!" - Julia
"I missed it, but I'm laughing just thinking about Mommy dancing!" - Audrey

We did get to see animals that were farther away and secured. Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

We got to see this hippo dive in to eat an apple.
Audrey loved it! She said this was her favorite part of the zoo.
Just look at this zebra! So beautiful!
And of course, the pretty flamingos!

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Shannon said...

Oh, Brooke. I can only imagine! I'm not going to make fun of you though, because I would have done the same exact thing. A roach? Shudder.

Looks like a fun trip to the zoo!!